We don’t BBQ in the winter

I know many people grill and BBQ all year round, but we actually have a pretty cheap propane BBQ that sits out in our backyard… Bill doesn’t like to have it close to the house, and doesn’t like the cold… so I cook everything on the stove or in the oven in the cool months, and we grill/BBQ all our dinners in the warm months.  What ends up happening with this method, is that I forget from one season to the next what our favourite meals were, how to do them, what worked well… (I hear you thinking.. is she that forgetful?)  Here’s the problem… i rarely use recipes, and if I do, it’s only as a launching pad.  And then 6 months later, the concoction that I came up with in my head is gone..

So.. I’m hoping this blog will rectify that.  I rarely ever measure.. (except in baking where chemistry is important)

Bill and I are learning grill methods together.. meaning, I learn, and I go out and tell him what to do while he’s grilling.   (“flip now, brush sauce on now…”)  He likes timers, so i do that for him as well.   In years previous, we finally mastered sirloin steaks to a nice medium rare, hamburgers, and cedar planked salmon.   I have never been able to get chicken or pork right… UNTIL this year!  Tonite we had our first ever success with grilled pork tenderloin kebobs.

Our local Foodland has the best cuts of meat (shout out to Vito, the butcher!)  Today he had these beautiful pork kebabs on sale, so I picked a few up to try.  I brushed some avocado oil on, ground fresh pepper and a bit of salt, and sprinkled with some dried tarragon.

I also picked up some pineapple sauce and fresh pineapple while i was in the store.  Picked zucchini, mint, garlic scapes, (these were harvested a while ago, and have been staying fresh in a bag in our crisper)  and basil.  A friend gave us fresh sweet peaches from his orchard this week, so I also halved 2 of those for dinner.

First time I’ve grilled fruit as well.  I melted some butter and brushed it lightly on the fruit, adding cinnamon to the butter for the peaches.    Zucchini was dressed only in fresh squeezed lemon juice and Greek seasoning.  Scapes with Avocado Oil, lemon, salt & pepper.  (in case you’re wondering why i use Avocado Oil, it has a much higher burning point than Olive Oil, which breaks down and loses all it’s nutritional value when heated past a certain temperature.. i don’t know the particulars or the science of it.. but i’ve been using avocado oil, and really like the results)

So.. here’s the results of tonite’s first attempt at fruit and pork kebabs… I can tell you honestly.. this was the BEST dinner we’ve had in a while, it was so tasty, the pork was fork tender, and melted in our mouths.  Serious YUM factor.



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