Yummy Yummy Fish

Every now and then, my mom calls me and asks… “if you’re going to Costco, can you pick me up some Yummy Yummy fish?”  She can never remember the name “Mahi Mahi”… and calls it by what it tastes like… Yummy Yummy..  Mom doesn’t like fishy fish.. you know.. it smells fishy, it leaves your house stinking fishy.. and it tastes really fishy…  I get that.  But i do enjoy a fishy fish every now and then. 🙂

We discovered Mahi Mahi a few years ago.  It’s great fish to cook with.. but you have to be so very careful NOT to overcook, otherwise it gets dry. It’s best when it’s a little opaque in the centre.. medium rare.    Fish is one of the fastest meats to cook too.  We eat fish of some kind at least 2-3 x a week in the winter, and I’m trying to incorporate more in the summer as well (besides salmon)

Mom’s call reminded me of the Mahi Mahi I had in the freezer, so I decided to try it on the BBQ in a foil pack.  I also had some candy cane & yellow beets in the fridge, a nice big Yam, and some other fresh veg ready to go.  (broccoli, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, with bits of yellow beet)

I laid out slices of lemon, green onions, and dill on a double thick piece of foil while the mahi mahi was thawing in the sink.  (they come in these lovely individually wrapped packages… so great for 2 people like us, or singles like my mom)    

Peeled and sliced up the beets, and dressed them in avocado oil, summer savoury, S&P.    


Yam was brushed with melted butter and received a healthy dose of chopped fresh rosemary from the garden.

When the fish was thawed, I topped it with some lemon butter dill sauce.

Result?  Mahi Mahi was overcooked.. I’m not sure it will work on the grill, but I will try again sometime this summer.  The beets and yam got burned.. (Bill got distracted and left the BBQ too long)  but overall, it was still a decent supper.   The broccoli was overdone as well, (wilted, and that over strong broccoli flavour I don’t like.. i prefer it lightly steamed, so it’s still crunchy, before it gets that strong bitter flavour)


Overall the meal was very colourful, with lots of great bold tastes. (except the broccoli)

Not every meal is a success, but this one was a definite learning experience.  We’ll try again!


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